Good Choice Initiative

Who We Are

Good Choice Initiative is an online sustainability hub that encourages people in the Ottawa area, including Gatineau and the Ottawa Valley, to live sustainably.

We help you find local like-minded businesses and makers that uphold the social and environmental values that matter to you. 


Our Mission

We aim to empower and inspire conscious consumers in the Ottawa area with the information and resources to help you make sustainable choices and live by your values.

What We Do

We promote small local businesses and makers whose products respect our people and our planet.

Our platform helps you find local businesses you can trust that share your values, using our business directory to search by product category and criteria.

Our Story

The idea of Good Choice Initiative was born when our founder Noelle returned to Ottawa in June 2019 after an extended trip. She had witnessed environmental degradation during her travels and wanted to do something about it but didn’t know where to start.

On a beach in Bali, she started picking up what seemed like an endless amount of plastic from the sand. When she noticed a group of strangers join in, she realized that their combined efforts were more impactful than hers alone. This experience gave her hope in a shared connection and inspired her to create a similar community of like-minded people closer to home.

You can read Good Choice Initiative’s full story here.

Back home, she felt that the available information about ethical and sustainable choices was often overwhelming and confusing. 

At GCI, we’ve identified local businesses that are both authentic in their sustainability and ethics values, and  transparent in their sourcing and production practices. We’re proud to showcase them and their positive impact on our community. 

You can search for local Ottawa businesses that uphold your values in our directory here.

You can also learn tips on sustainable living, read eco stories on our blog and find out about upcoming events, promotions and discounts on Instagram and Facebook.

Be part of the Good Choice Initiative community, where you’ll do good for yourself, the local economy and the environment – and feel good about it, too!

Learn more about our founder here.

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