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Circle Goods

An Ottawa-based subscription service that offers a new way to update your wardrobe.



Circle Goods is an e-commerce business founded on the idea of creating an accessible alternative to fast fashion. We are based on four principles: sustainability, accessibility, locally-based and community focused goods and services. From the way our products are sourced and packaged, to the way that they are cleaned and reused, we have put in every effort to ensure our goods are as sustainable as possible. Through our platform, we provide a way to update your wardrobe every month while reducing the amount of clothing and production waste.

How it works:
On our website you select one of three options: a one month trial with 3 articles, a three month subscription or the original subscription of one month with 4 articles. The curator ships the clothing with a return label included, and you send it back after the pre-determined amount of time!

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