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Little Voice Books

A Canadian publisher that seeks to create awareness for causes and initiatives through the power of literature and illustration.


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Little Voice Books (LVB) is a Canadian social enterprise founded by author Amanda Bernardo and illustrator Samantha Clusiau-Lawlor. Our books aim to educate children, and adults alike, by creating meaningful reads that can be turned into powerful conversations.

Using our books, we aim to inspire our readers to use their voice to chase their dreams and change the world … all while giving back. Proceeds from LVB’s children’s books are used to support programs and charities across Canada, including the Alzheimer Society of Canada and the National Canadian Mental Health Association.

In addition to LVB’s published books, the Little Voice Books Ambassador Program is a great opportunity to join our movement and support causes and initiatives in your own community. We proudly ship our books sustainably as part of the ECO Packaging Alliance.

Together, LVB and its readers are making a difference one book and movement at a time!

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