Good Choice Initiative

Tubby Tabby Soaps

Small-batch, handmade soaps from a (queer) family-owned business in Ottawa.






Eli and Lia are a couple of queers with a magnificently fat tabby cat named Abby. Abby is essentially the love of our lives. The soaps we make are one-of-a-kind, fun and definitely a little gay. We love colour and you can rest assured that there will be cool designs involved. Currently we specialize in solid soap and shampoo bars, but we also make liquid soap sometimes and plan to expand into natural cleaning products for around the home.

None of our soaps contain chemical surfactants or detergents, as those aren’t very kind to the earth. All of our soaps are made with natural (usually edible) oils that have a simple, naturally-occurring chemical added to make soap: lye. We’re all about keeping it simple. We make good soap with basic ingredients that you can pronounce, and they look cute AF, too.

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