Good Choice Initiative


Edible Ottawa: celebrates the local food culture of the National Capital Region, Prince Edward County and Eastern Ontario, season by season, community by community

Hidden Harvest: a way to find or enlist food that would otherwise go to waste. Hidden Harvest Ottawa is a social enterprise aiming to create a blended return on investment that is financial, social and environmental. By picking and sharing the fruit and nuts of Ottawa that might otherwise not be eaten, we make good use of local food and inspire a food-tree friendly city.

The Table Community Food Centre a place where community members come together to access, grow, prepare, share and advocate for good food.

Just Food a local, non-profit, community-based organization that works on both rural and urban food and farming issues in Ottawa and the region.

Savour Ottawa: a partnership project between Just Food, City of Ottawa and Ottawa Tourism. Their Buy Local Guide features operating farms, agritourism experiences, food businesses and locally processed beverages that use local food/products in their production: search for breweries, restaurants and farmer’s markets, to name a few.

Sustainability & Food Waste Apps


Good On You (clothing)
Yuka (food & beauty products): rates the product’s health factor by scanning its barcode 

Minimizing food waste

Food Hero (an app which shows you discounted food items in nearby grocery stores and the amount of CO2 saved by diverting food from landfill)

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