Good Choice Initiative

Birch Bark Coffee Company

Certified Organic/Fair Trade coffee with a portion of proceeds going to provide clean drinking water to homes in Indigenous communities.






Birch Bark Coffee Co. is a First-Nations owned small social enterprise that is proud to offer organic, Fair Trade coffee that is grown and produced by farmers that are Indigenous descendants. All our coffee carries the Small Producers Certified Symbol (SPP) and the Canada Organic Logo, and is also non-GMO and gluten friendly.

We recognize the need for an Indigenous inclusion continuum that extends globally, beginning with the Indigenous Small Farmers producing Birch Bark coffee beans to the customers supporting our cause-driven movement to the Indigenous families across Canada the water crisis impacts. We aim to bring clean drinking water to every Indigenous home suffering from ‘All Water Advisories’ by providing and installing certified water purification systems in every Indigenous home for free and installed for free in Canada.

Birch Bark Coffee Company believes ‘Water is a Fundamental human Right’ and no one should be without clean drinking water. Our First Nations social enterprise has a determined focus to revolutionize the coffee industry one coffee bag at a time, now that’s ‘Coffee Making a Difference’.

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