Good Choice Initiative


Slow fashion that is sustainably sourced and ethically made.





NAFSI provides luxury-comfort handcrafted garments that are kind to your skin & environment. With an aim to prioritize fair treatment of farmers & artisans, while minimizing waste & energy usage, NAFSI only works with farms & atelier’s that enable gender equality and a safe work environment. NAFSI is committed to the slow fashion movement, that’s why collections feature products made of upcycled fabrics. This decreases demand for new fabric production and prevents dead-stock form ending up in the landfills. Using upcycled materials also means a very limited quantity of each garment is handcrafted — creating unique, limited edition pieces. From donating to Lebanon’s latest tragedy relief fund, to supporting new-comer women in Canada, NAFSI wants to grow with the community & is always made locally.

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