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Pop of Colour

A Bright & Colourful Brand Management Agency.





Brand management for artists, entrepreneurs, influencers, and politicians. We help amplify our clients’ messages in order to cut through the noise and reach their ideal audience, all while staying true to their authentic selves.

Our work is customized to meet your needs. One of the more popular services we offer is creating an Artist Bio, which includes:

  • An hour long video interview where we dive together to the depths of your artistic soul.
  • One “fans-first” bio focuses on telling your story, your influences, and creative vision.
  • One “industry-first” bio, which focuses on your career achievements, sales figures, and names you’ve worked with.

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Get a free 30 minute consultation to brainstorm creative marketing ideas with Pop of Colour, a creative agency that offers brand management to help you reach your ideal audience. You can book your session here.

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