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Handmade Earrings For Sensitive Ears: A Fashionable Way To Support Local

KF Jewelry is an Ottawa-based online jewelry shop on our directory that offers 14k gold, rose gold & silver plated jewelry that are lead & nickel free, with a focus on local and Canadian-sourced fabric. Kim, owner and artisan of KF Jewelry boutique, shares with us her experience of starting a business during COVID-19 and why her earrings are hypoallergenic. We’re proud to have included the pine studs from her All That Glitters collection in our GCI Holiday Gift Box!
Kim, Owner & Artisan, KF Jewelry

Tell us about your business. How did you come up with this idea?

It all started in high school in my grade 11 art class when we were experimenting and learning about different mediums. Jewelry making was definitely one of my favourites. I quickly learned the techniques of dangles and then started to experiment with bead wrapping, as well as how to place each wrapped bead onto a jump ring. Years went by and I started to evolve my dangles style a little more each time.  Fabric studs was the complete opposite. I was browsing craft ideas on the internet one day and I saw the idea of fabric studs. I almost immediately purchased the supplies, and started to source the other components I would require. I mentioned to my best friend the idea, and she more or less buried the idea in my head of opening up a small business. After a few days, I couldn’t get the thought out of my head and KF Jewelry Boutique was born. 

Dangle earrings

How was your experience of starting a business during a pandemic – what made you take the leap during an uncertain time?

I’ve had a wonderful time! Starting up a small business during a pandemic for me was just how I would imagine without a pandemic; which is totally crazy to think! I was fortunate to have such an amazing support system from the beginning and the support has just kept on pouring in from there. I am truly so humbled. 

What makes your earrings special and why are you committed to offering hypoallergenic options?

I myself am allergic to anything that is not gold. Sterling silver? Costume jewelry? I can’t wear any of it before my ears start to throb and I wish I didn’t get suckered into maybe thinking “this time will be different.” With my own jewelry line, I wanted to make sure others like me can wear beautiful, quality built jewelry without having to spend a small fortune. I wanted each and every woman to be able to put on a pair of bold studs, or rock a pair of dangles and not have their first worry be if their sensitive allergic stricken ears are going to start cursing at them in just a mere few moments. Every woman deserves to feel confident and beautiful and that is the message we wanted to put out into the world. 

We love the variety of designs you offer. Can you tell us what you look for in the fabric you choose and whether you source it locally?

Thank you so much! The weight of a fabric is definitely a key component as it has to be thin enough to be made into studs. Quality cottons, linens, satins and silks are typically my go-to’s as they come in a variety of prints and solids. I try to source all of my fabrics from across Canada as well as in my own backyard with a few suppliers within the Ottawa and surrounding areas.  I’ve always been a huge supporter of Canadian made products, and try to keep as much of my business within our borders as possible. 

Studs from the All That Glitters collection

We’ve been enjoying wearing your studs as part of your All That Glitters collection and we’re so happy to include them in our Holiday Gift Box! Where can people shop your full collection of earrings?

We are so incredibly honoured to be a part of the GCI community and totally love being apart of the holiday gift box! All of our designs, both studs and dangles, can be found on our website to purchase. Any inquiries about collaborations can either be sent to us by inquiry on our website under “contact us” or by connecting with us on either one of our social media pages, Instagram and Facebook.

Do you have any other collaborations you’d like to share with our readers?

We definitely have a few ideas up our sleeves for the new year. We are hoping to join up with a few Ottawa based shops to sell our product within their walls. We also have a new collaboration with a dear friend who recently just started up her own business that we hope to be launching within the new year. No sneak peek details yet, as we are still in the midst of hammering them out but we will be sure to post about it as soon as we can! We are so thankful for the support and love we have received so far, and truly wish everyone happy, healthy and safe holiday season.

Kim and her beau, Steve

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